Monday, October 1, 2007

Only Duty.. No Beauty !!

Recently watched Johnny Gaddaar... loved it. When a director dedicates his film to James Hadley Chase, you know the battle is half won. For if there ever was a baap of thriller genre, it was Mr. Chase. And to add more I was completely in love with the movie with its classic stereotyped bollywood casting and was completely shocked to see Dave Matthews Band song titled Ants Marching but it later turned out to be the name of a marketing agency :( .

From the makers of "Ek Hasina Thi", the movie has a touch of "Tarantino" except for the spattered and flowing blood, and the storytelling inspired from "Pulp Fiction". This movie with a SinCity poster is a well packed thriller with crisp storyline, sharp dialogues and an up to the mark performances from the actors especially the Protagonist, Neil Mukesh(son of Nitin Mukesh) who showed no signs of a debutant. Still for me, Vinay Pathak was the show stealer. In general, the versatility of this actor is just incredible!

The thing that I loved about the movie was the fast paced intriguing storyline which kept one guessing at the edge of the seat and guesses being proven wrong more than once. It was slow only once with the train scene but that i guess, as one of my friend pointed out too, an essential part if one is tries to build the real life sequences.
The dialogues were neatly written with the script writer throwing some sleek punch lines from time to time like the one in the blog title.

It is really good to see the new face of bollywood with movies like Bheja Fry, Manorama, Johnny Gaddaar and Loins of Punjab.
A real thumbs up for this movie!!

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